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Name Type Sector (NAICS code) Street Address City Province Website
Acadia Cinema Co-operative Ltd. Multi-stakeholder Information and Culture (51) 450 Main St Wolfville NS
Arise Architects Co-operatives Corporation Worker Professional Services (54) 360 Woolwich Street Guelph ON
Aron Theatre Co-operative Inc. Consumer Information and Culture (51) 54 Bridge St E Campbellford ON
Battle River Railway NGC Inc. Consumer Transportation and Storage (48/49) 4802 - 51 Ave Forestburg AB
Blooming Ladies Co-op Multi-stakeholder Social Services (62) 20 Abberfield Way Northeast Calgary AB
Bureau d'études coopératif Worker Professional Services (54) 7240 Rue Waverly, Suite 220 Montréal QC
Camping Coop Daigle Park Ltd Consumer Accommodation and Food Services (72) 10787, rte 134 Saint-Louis-de-Kent NB
Camping coop des érables de Montmagny Consumer Accommodation and Food Services (72) 860, boul Taché O Montmagny QC
Central Café Coop de solidarité Multi-stakeholder Accommodation and Food Services (72) 31, rue de l'Évêché O Rimouski QC
Centre funéraire coopératif région de Coaticook Consumer Funeral (812) 284, rue Child Coaticook QC
Ceres Circle Farm Cooperative Multi-stakeholder Agriculture (11) 3652 Spiers Rd Kelowna BC
Citadelle, coopérative de producteurs de sirop d'érable Producer Agriculture (11) 2100, rue Saint-Laurent Plessisville QC
Coop Camping Saint-Esprit Consumer Accommodation and Food Services (72) 200, rue des Trois-Saults Québec QC
Coop d'Innocents travailleurs Worker Accommodation and Food Services (72) 460, rue Lafontaine Rivière-du-Loup QC
Coop de solidarité des Méandres Multi-stakeholder Retail (44/45) 404, rue Principale Saint-Léon-de-Standon QC
Coop de solidarité Jardinons Multi-stakeholder Other (81) 1101, 4e rang Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare QC
Coop de solidarité Le Soleil Multi-stakeholder Information and Culture (51) 410, boul Charest E Québec QC
Coop de solidarité Quilles Rimouski Multi-stakeholder Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (71) 172, boul Ste-Anne Rimouski QC
Coop des employés de Northex Environnement Multi-stakeholder Financial and insurance (52) 699, montée de la Pomme d'Or Contrecoeur QC
Coop équestre de Boucherville Consumer Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (71) 1202, ch de Lorraine Boucherville QC